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We are garden centre showroom and as such don’t be surprised to see flowers and plants . We have been here since 1992 and have been selling garden furniture since 1995. We have great expertise because we , buy, supply and deliver almost all of our orders, that’s right the person you buy from my just be knocking at your door with your furniture aswell.
Our showroom is inside Moorland Nurseries garden centre. We try and have over 30 sets on display. With a selection of sofa sets, corner units, low dining sets, dining sets, parasols, benches, tea for twos and a little of everything in between.
Its a close and honest why of doing business . We have supplied large businesses to some of the tiniest balcony patios in Yorskhire.

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Not matter what size of balcony, patio, veranda, conversatory or outdoor area we can supply you . We offer super competitive prices , fast delivery and brilliant service. If you have any queries or questions we would be more than happy to help.